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The Center for the Esoteric Arts


 Has "Adam" begun the trip home? Oh yes! He is at the doorstep of a new home; one of wonder and happiness. Received 08-13-16 Terry Trueblood

Your journey is one of contrasts. Embrace them for they are the building blocks of your advancement. Strive from within, for the answers you seek, rest so closely, you do not recognize them. Received 07-13-16

“Blessed are those who can see, for they will be the vision for the world. Take up your lampstand and follow Me. Though the journey is treacherous, it is worthy of your efforts. Fear nothing and walk boldly toward the Light. For what was made by Me, shall be reclaimed by Me. This is a Truth. Received 07-13-16 by TT

It is well you should labor upon this plain. The spirit is aware of the draw towards home, and the path to purify oneself in order to present a good and proper offering of self to the Creator. And he shall say "well done my good and faithful servant." And so it is! 07-13-16 TT

If mountain moved and earth destroyed what can it be when the winds find your souls? Freedom amongst Gods. All stand at your feet, for yea have little understanding of what Spirit you are. Bless are those who praise God. 09-19-16

How incredible the day is when we walk upon the earth, flying among the stars, our future carried within our soul. Our Master looking on with great admiration for our effort, displaying loving kindness and support for his offspring, in their struggle.

Finding our way is day by day, never wrong, never right, always experiencing those things that develop our souls. He watches, standing nearby to lend an inspiration, a friend or encouragement.

Who then are we? a man, a woman, a god, a likeness or perhaps something else? We are what we make, and the sculpture is yet to be fully carved; once done it will be moved and displayed among the stars, where others have gone before. TT

And to each is given a time, a place, stage, to use his hand to present his offering. To find one's self and advance toward the Kingdom of heaven. Troubles you imparted upon yourself, you will render still. Press on Oh Child of God, for the journey is worthy. TT 5-27-16

Truth, where do we find it? It is and has always has been located within each of us. Our design in spirit, contains a never ending connection with the Creator and all the knowledge we desire to complete this journey in life. TT

For each, in himself, must find that peace that allows the reflection of life to become apparent. In doing, he finds much more than what he sought; the brilliance of the creation and the orchestrations of all things by himself, in concert with all that is. 12-7-16 TT

* "People always ask what is "mystical research", as I use it -" it is analysis of what ancient mystics had to say on a particular topic and implementing science to derive an answer or understanding in which modern people might understand and benefit from". TT