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The Center for the Esoteric Arts

Become Certified Yourself - Classes you can sign up for:

Reiki 1, 2 and 3 $150 each

Reiki 1 training provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand what Reiki is and how to use it for friends and family. It is fun and takes about 8 hrs depending on class size. We limit our classes to 6 people, to ensure quality instruction. The books are issued prior to class time. $175pp

Reiki 2 training is the advanced level and allows you to treat the public if you so desire. Bringing additional understandings and techniques to your practice. This course is about 8 hours. $175pp

Reiki 3 is the Master level course. After having practiced for a time using your Reiki 1 and 2 skills, it may be time for the Master attunement. This course   requires considerable understanding of the Reiki principles and techniques. After completion you will be looked at from the public as an expert in the field.   This course is exciting and helps you grow your business and client base.$375pp

Clairvoyant Classes - With practical applications you can discover you own intuition and learn to improve your natural talent. These classes are completed over a series of weeks, usually in the evenings, limited to six students. Call for details

Tuning Fork Therapy - We provide tuning fork sessions for special relaxation and healing. Sound has always been a healing technique. A session is generally 1 hr ($100) and is coupled with Reiki techniques for better application.

Tactical Imagining - Helping you by quickly accessing your deeper mind to uncover the root of your current problems or concerns. Simply amazing and very fast. This effective technique is $100 per session.

Life Coaching - Having troubles in life? We all do. Life coaching is all about having someone to help you find you path and be at peace. The answers are within you and a Life Coaching experience allows you to systematically discover those answers. A 6-month program is only $1200 with one meeting every two-weeks with your coach, and yes there will be "home work" for you in between. Phone calls are also available to you for more support.

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy - $100 per hour This is very popular and quite revealing as well. As a certified regression practitioner, Dr. Trueblood will help you comfortably explore deep seated memories from the past.

Smoking, weight control and stress issues are typical in the practical application of Hypnosis. Normally sessions run 1 hour, with a maximum of three being scheduled. A client needs to come to the session, ready for change. If another person is wanting you to go for Hypnosis, and you don't want to, then there is no need to be there. Change comes from within, and having an attitude of change is very important.

Regression is a different and fascinating type of hypnosis and is by far the most requested type of hypnosis in our practice. A certified Regressionist will take you "backwards in time" to the issue that is most important to you. Some people call this "past life regression" , as long as it works, we are happy with it and you will be too. Group regression is popular for relaxation and personal exploration of "the group."

Specialized Spiritual Intercession -$100 per hour

An intercession basically means assessing in a spiritual way, your needs and providing prayer work to intercede on you behalf. We will invoke the Creator's assistance to address your challenge, including forms of exorcism. Additionally, instruction and understanding of spiritual and metaphysical issues are addressed, until a full grasp of the concepts are reached. 

Paranormal Investigations

We get regular inquiries about spiritual problems with real estate or around a person. Most of these are dealt with easy enough. On occasion we are requested to investigated a structure or person and report our findings and develop a solution. We have both equipment and qualified personnel for this type of investigation. With over 30 years of professional police investigative skills and training we bring a scientific approach coupled with spiritual understanding to the problem.